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Quranic Center is a leading Online Quran Teaching and Quran Learning Academy, established in 2009. We offer specialized Quran learning courses for both kids and adults. With qualified Quran Tutors, we provide step-by-step Quran Learning with Tajweed rules and essential Islamic knowledge. Our online platform allows learners worldwide to access our courses conveniently.


Tajweedi Qaidah​

Noorani Qaidah is one of the basic booklet to learn the basic…

Islamic Knowledge​

Now for learning Islamic books, you don’t need to go… 

Quran Memorization​

Memorizing Quran simply means learning it by heart. At the time ..

Quran Translation

This course is especially designed for students who want…

Urudu language

Now for learning the Urdu language, you don’t need to go…

Quran with Tajweed​

This is very basic course to learn to recite the holy Quran…


What Our Students Say

I wanted to strengthen my understanding of Islam, and Quranic Center helped me achieve just that. Their comprehensive courses covered not only Quranic recitation but also essential Islamic knowledge. The academy's commitment to spreading the light of the Quran worldwide is commendable.
Abdul S. 
As a working professional, I needed a flexible Quranic learning solution. Quranic Center's online courses fit perfectly into my schedule. The interactive classes and engaging materials helped me memorize several Surahs. I am truly impressed with the academy's commitment to quality education.
Ahmed K.
United States
I am grateful to Quranic Center for providing an excellent online Quran learning experience. The Quran Tutors were patient and knowledgeable, guiding me through every step of my journey. I can now recite the Quran with Tajweed confidently. Highly recommended!
Sarah R.

Why Choose Quranic Center?

  • Expert Quran Tutors passionate about teaching and Islamic studies.
  • Tailored courses for learners at all levels.
  • Strong emphasis on Tajweed for correct Quranic recitation.
  • Flexible online learning to suit your schedule.
  • Diverse materials covering Hifz, Salah, Kalimas, Hadith, and Duas.

Our Accomplishments:

Our academy has successfully taught hundreds of students worldwide, improving their Quran reading and memorization skills. We take pride in our diverse student community from different continents, races, and cultural backgrounds.

Join Our Quranic Family:

Embark on a rewarding Quranic learning journey with Quranic Center. Whether you’re a parent seeking Quran education for your child or an individual eager to deepen your connection with the Quran, we are here to guide you.

Future Courses

Dirasat e Deniyah, Adults

3 Years

Advance Tajweed

6 Months

Arabic Grammer

1 Year

Understand Hadees, Adults

1 Year

Understand Quran, Adults

1 Year

Islamic Education, Adults

1 Year


Personalized One-on-One Sessions

Experience individualized attention with dedicated online Quran classes. Each session is conducted by a single teacher for a single student, ensuring focused learning.

Flexible Timings

Our online Quran classes offer unmatched flexibility. Tailor your schedule according to your convenience, granting you control over your learning time.

Expert Tutors and Scholars:

Engage with highly qualified tutors, Qaris, and Islamic scholars. Their expertise and experience guarantee impactful Quranic instruction tailored to your needs.

Dedicated Female Tutors:

We understand the importance of comfort in learning. Quranic Center provides trained female teachers for those who prefer a female tutor for their Quranic studies.

Device Compatibility

Learn the Quran seamlessly across devices. Quranic Center offers lessons on PC, tablets, and Android devices, allowing you to access Quranic education anytime, anywhere.

Custom Online Portal

Create your personalized online portal for easy management of your classes. Access your complete class history, schedule, details, and fee structure in one place.

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