Who Can Learn the Quran?

We offer online Quran classes for everyone without having any restriction of age limit. So now, adults and kids, both can learn Quran Online with Tajweed from their home without facing any trouble of traveling.

Offer Simple Courses

The Online Quran Courses we offer are simple, beneficial and affordable. Our tutors and scholars experts have made courses outline according to every age group so you can comfortably learn and read Quran with tajweed from your place. Currently, we are providing several courses.

Free Trial classes

We offer absolutely free trial classes so that you can test our services before investing in any kind of money.


I am grateful to Quranic Center for providing an excellent online Quran learning experience. The Quran Tutors were patient and knowledgeable, guiding me through every step of my journey. I can now recite the Quran with Tajweed confidently. Highly recommended!Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustrationSarah R. (Canada)

As a working professional, I needed a flexible Quranic learning solution. Quranic Center’s online courses fit perfectly into my schedule. The interactive classes and engaging materials helped me memorize several Surahs. I am truly impressed with the academy’s commitment to quality education.Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Ahmed K. (United States)

Quranic Center has been a blessing for my kids’ Quranic education. The dedicated Quran Tutors took special care of them and made learning fun. My children have made remarkable progress in their Quranic recitation and memorization. Thank you, Quranic Center!Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustrationAisha H. (United Kingdom)

I wanted to strengthen my understanding of Islam, and Quranic Center helped me achieve just that. Their comprehensive courses covered not only Quranic recitation but also essential Islamic knowledge. The academy’s commitment to spreading the light of the Quran worldwide is commendable.Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Abdul S. (Australia)

Being a non-Arabic speaker, I was initially hesitant about learning the Quran online. However, Quranic Center’s patient and encouraging Quran Tutors made the whole experience rewarding. Now, I can read the Quran with confidence, and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Fatima N. (United Arab Emirates)

Joining Quranic Center was one of the best decisions I made. The academy’s online platform is user-friendly, making learning accessible from anywhere. The structured courses and regular assessments ensured steady progress in my Quranic studies. Thank you for making this possible!Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Omar G. (South Africa) 

 Quranic Center truly lives up to its name as a trusted Quran Teaching Academy. Their focus on Tajweed and pronunciation made a significant difference in my Quran recitation. The teachers’ dedication and support were remarkable. I recommend Quranic Center to anyone seeking a rewarding Quranic learning experience.Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Sanaa A. (Malaysia)

 I enrolled in Quranic Center’s Hifz program to memorize the Quran. The experienced teachers provided valuable guidance and motivation throughout my memorization journey. Alhamdulillah, I have achieved my goal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Quranic Center’s support.Premium Vector | Islamic students icon logo design illustration Yusuf M. (Nigeria)