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The Quranic Center is an autonomous institution managed by dedicated professionals committed to delivering high-quality Quranic education.

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Urdu Language

Learn The Urdu Language Course

Embark on your journey to learn Urdu without leaving the comfort of your home. Our Online Urdu Language Course eliminates the need for admission fees, physical books, or waiting for tutors. You are in full control of your learning experience, choosing male or female Urdu teachers for one-on-one sessions.

Course Highlights: Experience the personalized attention of a dedicated tutor with a focus solely on your progress. Ask questions without hesitation and enjoy 100% satisfaction with each lesson.

Course Content:

  • Reading Urdu
  • Writing Urdu
  • Speaking Urdu

The Learning Process: At your agreed-upon time, your teacher and you connect online. Through VOIP software like Skype, you engage in real-time conversation, akin to a telephone call, while screen-sharing allows both of you to view the same lesson. The teacher can highlight letters and words in the Quran to enhance your understanding.

Why Choose Us? We stand out as the premier choice. Our approach aligns with your budget, and we enhance the learning process by sending lesson summaries via WhatsApp in audio format. A student-teacher interactive web panel helps you manage your lessons, track timings, teacher availability, and more.

Empower Your Communication: Through daily summaries, audio and video tutorials, tests, exams, and essential notifications, we empower you to master Urdu fluently and effectively.